Tsunami Disaster

Seafarers have always respected the power of wind and water. This is especially the case during storms at sea, where ships run the risk of damage or sinking from strong winds and high seas. Large and powerful storms, referred to as “closed cyclonic circulations,” are especially dangerous and have caused massive destruction throughout all of recorded history. Tsunami waves, which hit India for the first time on Sunday wreaking havoc across the southern coastline, are a known phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean []

The New Risk Reality

“Too often, wrong decisions are the result of wishful thinking….” In a global and transparent shipping business environment characterized by an increased focus on safety, environmental issues and social responsibility, today companies are facing a new risk reality. They have been shaken by accidents and events which have demonstrated their vulnerability. Widely publicized events, such as collapse of Enron and Arthur Anderson and the severe losses of tankers such as Erika and Prestige, have forced companies to take a fresh look at []

Restructuring Of A Shipping Company Can Pay Dividends

“It could lead to ongoing success of any company” Many jobs were affected by the recent reductions in fleet size in World-Wide. The sun is shining again on the horizon. Anyway, we must thank all those Mariners whose jobs were affected for their understanding and especially for their past contributions. We gather most of these reductions were the result of plans made by the Shipping Companies. Fleet rejuvenation obviously has to be an ongoing process in a world that looks to quality []

Draft Policy For Maritime Sector Emphasizes On Maritime Training

Government of India has released its draft policy for the Maritime Sector for general review. The policy has given special attention to the Maritime training. In his covering note, Mr. DT Joseph, Secretary, Ministry of Shipping has emphasized that Government should be concerned in infrastructure structure with policy making, resource generation and regulation rather than with implementation and day-to-day administration for which the field level officers, agencies and PSUs should be strengthened and left free to manage, improve and develop without interference []

Mariners – Passing To Eternity

‘It is the final gate, through which every one of us will eventually pass…’ A very close batch-mate was seriously ill and died. Along with his family and friends, I too had to steel myself for the inevitable end. The memories of glorious days spent out at sea (in happier times) remained, though he did not. You have been in this state before, more than once; we all must have been through this, at some time or the other. Yet that sense []

Treading The Agneepath

A Mariner’s life is not easy. It’s a constant struggle whether you are at sea or ashore. And if one think’s he can sit back on his laurels after retirement, then he’s sadly mistaken. We would have been in love with ourselves had we been as big as Owners of leading Shipping Companies. With such greatness they can afford to, not we. We Mariners are still ordinary fellows, laughs Vikram Gokhale. Mr. Nanda takes a deep breath and says, “Today a Mariner []

Hell, I’m Back Home From The Sea

While we are settled ashore, we’re much too absorbed in the daily grind, to really observe and notice anything around us. But when we return from foreign ports, we get a fresh perspective, and are able to observe certain details, that we are not able to pick up in the normal course, since we are much too close. It’s almost like the inability in trying to read this article, with the paper held an inch from your face, reducing the print to []

Keeping Vigil At Sea

A merchant ship is an excellent setting for observing the entire spectrum of humanity. Mariners come in varying types, sizes and attitudes ! Here are some typical specimens in this article, which may ring a bell somewhere in your memory… The Pompous jerk… Rudeness and incivility is the cloak, behind which such complex-ridden and insecure people lurk. They forever put on an act, delighting in making people wait, while they pretend to be too busy, to attend to them… .   The []

Tribute To The Forgotten Mariners

The fog horn booms its farewell note, and proudly on her way, The gleaming liner eases away, in grandeur down the bay. An opulent hotel at sea, she is her owner’s pride, The culmination of a great dream, as she floats upon the tide. The passengers in festive mood, with laughter and good quips, With keen delight, they look forward to, the great ship’s maiden trip. She’s sure to break the speed record, she’ll do thirty knots or more, Is the hope []

Sea Piracy On The Rise

Commercial shipping suffered 445 attacks in 2003, Indonesia accounted for 121 attacks across its sprawling archipelago. Piracy is fast becoming the norm in Asian and African waters. A global watchdog has recorded the number of pirate attacks in Indonesian waters and a few more in the nearby Malacca Strait, these accounts for one-third of the recorded piracy incidents by the International Maritime Bureau. Piracy attacks have risen around the world, armed pirates in speedboats and gunboats open fire on ships and rob []