ITF Reports Record High Abandoned Vessels and Unpaid Wages in 2023

In 2023, the International Transport Workers’ Federation reported a record number of abandoned vessels and unpaid seafarer wages. Inspectors recovered over US$57 million in wages owed to 1188 seafarers, emphasizing the impact on families back home. With 125 inspectors globally, the ITF monitors ships for exploitation and enforces agreements, highlighting ongoing challenges in the maritime industry.
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The International Transport Workers’ Federation has reported that 2023 marked the worst year on record for both abandoned vessels and seafarers. ITF inspectors conducted a total of 9530 vessel inspections worldwide, managing 1188 cases and recovering an unprecedented US$57,161,779 in unpaid wages. Abandonment in this context refers to vessels left by their owners and seafarers not receiving payment for at least two months.

ITF inspectorate coordinator Steve Trowsdale emphasized the importance of reclaiming over US$57.1 million in owed wages, especially for seafarers who support their families back home. With approximately 125 inspectors stationed in 110 ports globally, the ITF monitors ships without collective bargaining agreements and enforces agreements on those that do, benefiting more than 350,000 seafarers. Many of these vessels operate under “flags of convenience,” posing risks of poor safety, training, living standards, and wage abandonment.

ITF inspectors are trained to detect signs of exploitation, overwork, forced labor, and modern slavery on ships. Non-payment of crew wages could indicate impending termination of employment by the shipowner. Despite the concerning number of cases, Mr. Trowsdale expressed pride in the diligent work of ITF inspectors worldwide, highlighting the ongoing challenges to workers’ rights in the maritime industry.

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