Maritime Industry Australia Honors Teresa Lloyd and Mick Kinley

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Maritime Industry Australia Ltd recently honored Teresa Lloyd and Mick Kinley with honorary memberships for their significant contributions to the shipping industry. Both individuals were recognized for their dedication, expertise, and leadership in the maritime sector at the Blueprint for a Maritime Nation Gala Dinner in Brisbane.

Teresa Lloyd, a former CEO at MIAL and currently Chief Strategy and External Affairs Officer at Carnival Australia, was praised for her commitment to the industry, marine environment protection, and seafarer welfare. She was acknowledged for her 19 years of service and her passionate representation of MIAL in various industry forums and conferences.

Mick Kinley, retiring CEO of AMSA, was also honored for his role in ensuring the safety and regulation of the maritime industry in Australia. With a background as a seafarer and marine surveyor, Kinley’s leadership at AMSA was commended for supporting industry efforts and driving positive changes. Both Lloyd and Kinley’s dedication to the industry was highlighted during the award ceremony, with Kinley emphasizing AMSA’s effectiveness in getting things done.

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