Empowering Seafarers: Charting a Course for Success

Panelists include (from left) Apo Belokas, managing editor of Safety4Sea; Gerardo Borromeo, vice chairman and chief executive officer of PTC Holdings Corp.; and Capt. Nicolo Terel of I.M.A Assessment and Training Center. PHOTO BY WILMAR ALMERIA
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The 3rd Safety4Sea Manila Forum focused on ship safety and the human factors impacting this standard in the maritime industry. Held on April 23, the conference highlighted the importance of creating an improved shipboard environment that prioritizes seafarer welfare. Topics discussed included the Human Factor in Decarbonization, the Role of AR/VR in Maritime Training, and Competency Requirements for Seafarers.

Panelists at the event included Apo Belokas, Gerardo Borromeo, and Capt. Nicolo Terel, who emphasized the need for industry leaders to support free internet access for seafarers and adapt to ongoing industry trends, such as digitalization and decarbonization. The event also emphasized the importance of addressing crew welfare to ensure a safe and happy workforce in the maritime industry.

Organized by Safety4Sea, with the support of various sponsors and partners, the event aimed to promote industry collaboration and improve conditions for seafarers. Speakers advocated for a holistic approach to crew welfare and highlighted the role of leadership in ensuring the well-being of seafarers. With a focus on addressing challenges and bridging skills gaps, the forum provided valuable insights for maritime leaders and professionals.

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