Seafarers’ Ongoing Struggle with Corruption at Ports

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MACN, the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network, is shedding light on the prevalence of corruption faced by seafarers in ports worldwide. The organization, founded by maritime companies 11 years ago, has grown to over 200 members globally and aims to eliminate all forms of maritime corruption. In an interview with the BBC, MACN discussed the challenges faced by crewmembers, including demands for cigarettes, food, and other items to ensure smooth processing in ports.

According to MACN, they have received over 61,000 reports of corruption in ports across 150 countries since their inception. They are working with governments and organizations to combat corrupt practices and promote best practices in the industry. Despite efforts to prevent corruption, incidents such as captains being threatened at gunpoint for refusing to hand over cigarettes and officials attempting to take supplies from crewmembers are still occurring.

While progress has been made in combating corruption in some regions, MACN acknowledges that much work remains to be done. The organization is working with governments in nine countries to address corrupt practices and help companies develop better policies to prevent corruption in the maritime industry. The International Association of Ports and Harbours also noted efforts to combat corruption in various regions, but the issue persists, impacting seafarers worldwide.

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