Crew Mirror Digest 14-2023

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Navigating the Digital Seas: Understanding Electronic Charts for Safe Ship Operations

Operating a ship can be an extremely complex and risky business, whether it is transporting goods or passengers. The safety of everyone on board is paramount and anything that can be done to reduce the risk of accidents is vital. One of the most important tools that a vessel operator has is electronic charts. Electronic charts are a crucial part of modern ship navigation and

Celebrating the International Day of Women in Maritime: Empowering Women Seafarers

Celebrating the International Day of Women in Seafaring: Empowering Women Seafarers International Women in Maritime Day is celebrated annually on May 18th. This day is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the role of women in the maritime industry. Women have traditionally been excluded from many industries, but entering the shipping industry has been particularly difficult for women due to gender stereotypes and a lack of

Mastering the art of Marine Engine operation

A ship’s engine room is a complex network of machinery that is critical to the ship’s performance and safety. Engine operations, including the propulsion system, power generation, and auxiliary equipment, must be maintained and operated safely and efficiently for the ship to successfully complete its mission. This article will discuss some tips and tricks for mastering the art of marine engine operation. A ship’s engine system


Bright Future Ahead for Maritime Industry in India

The maritime industry in India is expected to have a bright future due to various factors such as the country’s extensive coastline, the government’s push to boost the sector, and the global demand for shipping services. India has a coastline of over 7,500 kilometers, which provides ample opportunities for the maritime industry to grow. The government has recognized the potential of the industry and has taken

Exploring the Challenges of Training Seafarers for New Green Fuels: What Are the Barriers?

One of the primary challenges is the lack of available training materials. While there are some resources available, they are often limited in scope and do not provide the comprehensive training that is necessary for seafarers to be able to safely and effectively use new green fuels. Additionally, the cost of training materials can be prohibitive for many seafarers, making it difficult for them to

Latest News

LR, SDARI & MAN Energy Solutions invests in ammonia dual-fuel ship

Lloyd’s Register (LR), MAN Energy Solutions, Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) have agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to design and develop technical specifications for using ammonia as fuel in MSC’s container ships to reduce their carbon footprint. MAN Energy Solutions will be responsible for providing data for the engine design, as well as the ammonia…

The motor vessel Triton becomes the largest ship to transit the Expanded Panama Canal

Panama Canal imposes additional shipping restrictions amid worsening drought

The Panama Canal is being hit by a severe drought that is forcing container ships to downsize and pay higher fees, with the cost of transporting cargo expected to increase this summer. From 24 May, the largest ships will have to reduce their draft, either by carrying less cargo or reducing the weight of their cargo. A further reduction will follow from 29 May. Some…

ABS uses simulation and modeling to address the safety challenge of ammonia

ABS uses simulation and modeling to address the safety challenge of ammonia

Classification society ABS has combined modelling and computational fluid dynamics to devise emergency response methods for ammonia spills or leaks in ports. A system capable of predicting how an ammonia plume would behave and initiating emergency response is the first stage towards a comprehensive and rapid response plan. This could include offering advice to ports, crews and rescue services, and enable them to respond immediately…

The tide has turned for the offshore market in the Middle East

Captain Mohamed Al Ali, Senior Vice President of Offshore Logistics at ADNOC Logistics & Services, spoke at the Seatrade Maritime Middle East 2023 Offshore Marine and Workboats Forum and highlighted the positive outlook for the offshore oil and gas industry. Ali reported that the market is set for sustained growth after years of under-investment, with over $70 billion worth of projects set to be awarded…

Second International Day for Women in Seafaring is celebrated worldwide

The International Day for Women in Seafaring, observed on May 18th, highlights the gender imbalance in the maritime sector. Kitack Lim, IMO Secretary General, celebrated the occasion as a tribute to women’s work within the maritime industry and emphasised the importance of promoting women’s recruitment, retention and continued employment in the field. In preparation for the day, the IMO organised a two-day conference in London,…

SHI European "Road Show" presents new ship designs

SHI European “Road Show” presents new ship designs

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) debuted its new designs for an LNG tanker and a container ship at the Samsung Technical Seminar in Athens, Greece. The event was attended by 70 people from 35 companies including shipowners such as Minerva, GasLog, Shell and Total. SHI held the event as part of its “Technology Road Show” marketing method for new designs and innovative technology. One of the designs…

MSC will pass the 5 million TEU mark by 2025 on the way to 6 million

MSC will pass the 5 million TEU mark by 2025 on the way to 6 million

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is set to become the first container shipping company to surpass the 5 million TEU capacity barrier, according to data analysis from Alphaliner. The company currently has a total capacity of 4,956,720 TEU and a market share of 18.5%. However, with the addition of new container ships, including a new class of 24,000 TEU container ships and a new class…


NYK’s LNG hybrid car transporters are said to use 40% less energy

Japanese shipping company NYK Line has installed emission reduction, energy management and digital optimization systems on its new vessels, the Jasmine Leader and Wild Rose Leader. The pair of 4,000 vehicle-carrying PCTCs are expected to use 40% less energy than conventional ships in the fleet, delivering savings that exceed current and future requirements for carbon intensity while also exceeding the current IMO greenhouse gas emissions…

leyal ship recycling

BIMCO predicts an unprecedented surge in ship recycling

Over 15,000 ships are expected to be decommissioned and dismantled between 2023 and 2032, more than double the number of the past decade, due to a focus on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. In response to the wave of ship recycling, the marine industry group BIMCO is highlighting the importance of ratifying and enforcing the Hong Kong International Convention on Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship…

Shipping urgently needs consistency and clarity in regulation – ABS

Vassilios Krousstallis, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and Global Marine at ABS, has stressed the need for a clear orientation for the market regarding shipping regulations. Speaking at the Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East keynote session, Krousstallis acknowledged the challenges faced by regulators but pointed to the need for a unified regulatory approach. The upcoming COP 28 meeting in Dubai was cited as…


Japanese consortium successfully tests ammonia-fuelled engine

A consortium of NYK Line, IHI Power Systems, Nihon Shipyard, Japan Engine Corporation, and ClassNK have developed an ammonia-powered engine for global shipping. As part of the Green Innovation Fund Project, tests of the engine have started on the ammonia-fuelled four-stroke marine engine for the main engine of coasters, which is to be installed in a tugboat in 2024. The consortium also aims to install…

Asian seafaring centers push new technology

Asian seafaring centers push new technology

The Philippines and Indonesia are working to prepare their seafarers for a low-carbon and zero-carbon maritime sector. Both countries are modernizing their training systems to provide the right kind of education and training so that future generations of seafarers are competent and ready to handle new onboard technologies and fuels that will increasingly be used in the coming years. With a large number of seafarers…

The Department of Ports, Shipping and Waterways ranked 2nd in the Data Governance Quality Index

The Department of Ports, Shipping and Waterways ranked 2nd in the Data Governance Quality Index

The Department of Ports, Shipping and Waterways is ranked 2nd among departments/departments in the Data Governance Quality Index survey report. MoPSW ranks second among the 66 ministries with a score of 4.8/5 Conducted by DMEO and NITI Ayog, this survey is designed to assess the performance of various departments/departments in implementing Central Sector Schemes (CS) and Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS). The Department of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (MoPSW)…

Microplastics from the ocean appear in arctic ice algae

Microplastics from the ocean appear in arctic ice algae

Arctic ice algae, which provide food for many marine organisms and act as carbon sinks, were found to contain startling amounts of microplastics, according to researchers from Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research and UK’s University of Birmingham. The researchers found an average of 31,000 microplastic particles – 10 times higher than in surrounding waters – per cubic metre of…

Hornsea wind farm

Wind power becomes the largest source of electricity in the UK

UK wind farms produced more electricity than gas-fired power stations in the first three months of 2023, according to independent report Drax Electric Insights. The report by scientists from Imperial College London on behalf of UK renewable energy company Drax Group found that almost a third (32.4%) of UK electricity was supplied by wind, with wind-generated energy totalling 24 TWh during the quarter — 3% higher than…

In infographic outlining the objectives of Blue Pass

UAE launch “Blue Pass” project to strengthen maritime cluster

The UAE government has launched a digital portal and app that will allow businesses to offer and purchase services in an integrated community in the national maritime sector. Known as Blue Pass, the initiative aims to reduce operational costs and increase the competitiveness of the UAE’s national maritime sector. It will create a unified platform that will enable maritime companies and merchant vessels operating in…

Great Eastern Shipping's net income increased 282% to Cr721.94 in the January-March quarter

Great Eastern Shipping’s net income increased 282% to Cr721.94 in the January-March quarter

The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd, India’s largest private maritime transport service by fleet size and revenue, said its net profit rose 282 percent to Rs Previous year. The company’s operating revenue rose 58.92 percent to Rs.1,455.98 crore in the fourth quarter of FY23 from Rs.916.17 crore a year earlier, the company said in a regulatory filing. In FY23, the company’s total net profit increased by 308.94…

Note: All above news items compiled in this digest should be considered as news in brief. For detailed news, please refer to reference link, mentioned with each item.

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