Subrosa Group Introduces New Maritime Security Division

Subrosa Group (SRG) has launched SRG Maritime Security, a division providing elite armed protection to commercial shipping, offshore industries, private vessels, and superyachts. CEO Niall Burns emphasized the critical need for security in perilous waters, with teams comprised of experienced military personnel offering protection and peace of mind to clients.
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Subrosa Group (SRG) has announced the launch of a new Maritime Security (MarSec) division, SRG Maritime Security, aimed at providing security services globally to the commercial shipping and offshore industries, private vessels, and superyachts. The CEO of SRG, Niall Burns, highlighted the critical need for elite armed protection for large vessels navigating increasingly dangerous waters, with maritime attacks on the rise. SRG MarSec teams are made up of experienced personnel from elite military units, offering armed protection for vessels during transit through high-risk areas or on a permanent basis for offshore marine operations.

The company’s focus is on safeguarding large vessels such as cargo ships, cruise liners, super yachts, crude oil tankers, and offshore rig platforms from pirate attacks and other threats. In addition to onboard security services, SRG MarSec also provides supplementary services including safe room/citadel design, video surveillance systems, ICT security, kidnap and ransom consultancy, hostage negotiation, and 24/7 Company Security Officer support. The services offered by SRG MarSec are backed by a 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC), ensuring round-the-clock support for clients seeking protection and peace of mind for their vessels.

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