Strategic Marine to build crew transfer vessels for Ventus Marine.

PSA Marine's Ventus Marine secures a contract with Strategic Marine for four crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for offshore wind sectors in Europe and Asia. Designed by BMT, the 27m CTVs will be delivered by end of 2024. Two managed by Njord Offshore in Europe, two by Njord Marine in Taiwan, designed to withstand challenging conditions. Partnership aims to enhance crew transfer operations in offshore wind industry.
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PSA Marine’s Ventus Marine has recently secured a contract with Singapore-based shipbuilder Strategic Marine for the construction of four crew transfer vessels (CTVs) to be used in the offshore wind sectors in Europe and Asia. The 27-meter-long CTVs, designed by BMT, are set to be delivered by the end of 2024. Two of these vessels will be managed by PSA Marine’s partner Njord Offshore in Europe, while the other two will be operated by Njord Marine in Taiwan. The Taiwanese units have been specifically designed to withstand challenging conditions in the region, including mooring capabilities in typhoon conditions.

The CTVs intended for operation in Europe will feature IPS propulsion and comply with the new MCA Work Boat Code Edition 3. This deal marks Njord Offshore’s return to Strategic Marine, as they have previously ordered CTVs for their owners, serving as pioneer vessels from the Southeast Asia region. PSA Marine, a subsidiary of Singapore’s PSA International, joined forces with UK-based Njord Offshore in 2015 to provide a fleet of modern 21-meter and 26-meter CTVs for offshore wind operations.

The partnership between PSA Marine and Njord Offshore aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of crew transfer operations in the offshore wind industry. With the construction of these new CTVs, equipped with advanced features and capabilities, both companies are poised to meet the growing demand for reliable and safe crew transfer services in the European and Asian offshore wind sectors. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both companies to innovation and sustainability in the maritime industry, ensuring the seamless and secure transportation of personnel to and from offshore wind farms.

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