APSEZ Granted Letter of Intent for Netaji Subhas Dock Container Facility

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Netaji Subhas Dock is a major container terminal on India's east coast, handling 0.63 million TEU in FY 2024. Serving states like West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam, it is a key hub for liner vessels en route to transshipment hubs in Port Kelang, Colombo, and Singapore.
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APSEZ has been granted a five-year letter of intent to operate the container facility at Netaji Subhas Dock, a major container terminal on India’s east coast. The company is now tasked with installing cargo handling equipment within seven months of accepting the letter. Netaji Subhas Dock is known for its significant capacity, having handled 0.63 million teus in FY24, and serves a wide range of hinterlands including West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and more.

The strategic location of Netaji Subhas Dock allows it to cater to a large area, including states in the north east as well as neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. Additionally, the port receives frequent ship calls from liners traveling to transhipment hubs such as Port Kelang, Colombo, and Singapore. This new agreement with APSEZ is expected to further enhance the port’s operations and efficiency, benefiting both the company and the wider maritime industry.

APSEZ’s successful bid for the container facility at Netaji Subhas Dock represents a significant development in the region’s shipping and logistics sector. With the company’s commitment to installing necessary equipment within the specified timeline, the port is set to further streamline its operations and handle even larger volumes of cargo in the years to come. The continued growth and expansion of ports like Netaji Subhas Dock are crucial for facilitating trade and commerce in the region, connecting various states and neighboring countries through efficient maritime transportation channels.

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